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S&S Lawn Care should be your choice when it comes to a reliable lawn care service in Mt. Juliet. During the growing season, we offer weekly lawn maintenance that includes mowing, trimming and edging. In the Spring and Fall season, we focus on landscaping projects. This is the time of the year where we will be aerating, overseeding, mulching, planting and a host of other projects.

Tired of spending your weekends filled with more work?

Your time is too valuable when you invest all week into your professional life. Let S&S Lawn Care free up your weekends so you can get the much needed rest and relaxation you deserve. Call us now for a free estimate or to just talk about a project you may have.


Services Offered


*Property Maintenance (Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing of paved surfaces)

*Shrub trimming


*Weed control

*Garden bed design


*Small tree pruning

*Small tree removal 

Proper mowing


How and when you mow your grass depends on the type of grass you have, the season, and the amount of water and fertilizer you apply throughout the year. You may have to mow one or two times a week during strong growth or only twice a month during slow growth times. A couple rules of thumb can go a long way. One rule says that it's best to only remove one third of the overall length of the grass. Another basic practice is trying to avoid scalping your lawn. When grass is cut back the growth of the roots and the plant comes almost to a stop until the leaves can recover. In addition, this will stress the grass which will make it thin out, be more susceptible to the elements, pests and disease.


Applying mulch to your beds will benefit you in multiple ways. Installing a layer of good mulch will not only suppress weed growth but it will slow moisture evaporation. When you apply mulch, it also will moderate soil temperature. S&S Lawn Care would be glad to assist you in mulch installation this year.

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